A Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

A Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

A Soulful Approach to Dementia CareA Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

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Music brings joy and connection.

As caregivers, you are the true experts. You know the individuals you care for--you know the struggles, the joys, the grief, and the beautiful moments of connection. Please share with us so we can be a resource to others who may benefit from your expertise.

A reader wrote in that, "It is important for me  to find 'windows to the outside world' and not allow us to remain in the house. So, in addition to our walks, we attend church services twice each week. I know that his short attention span doesn't really allow him to follow along completely, but at least we are able to go together. He can't find the scriptures and songs in the book without my help and often looks at the wrong side of the page in the hymnal, but it does my heart good to hear his sweet voice singing the 'old time' hymns that he can still sing from memory."

Although this individual may need some extra help navigating through the books (slow down and use  simple directions, one step at a time), he still can enjoy the music by singing along and feeling the emotions that have been long-associated with the hymns. It is a ritual they can participate in as a  couple, providing them an opportunity to feel connected to the community and likely, a valuable support system. He will reach a point when going out becomes too much, so taking advantage of these opportunities while they still can is both wise and healthy.