A Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

A Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

A Soulful Approach to Dementia CareA Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

available on Amazon November 11, 2019


Being with Dementia: A Soulful Approach

Being with Dementia will not answer all the questions of dementia, and it is not about prevention, treatment or cure. It is designed to provide a perspective that may allow loved ones and caregivers to approach dementia more gently and lovingly, recognizing that we are the ones who must slow down and adjust to living in the present. It will be our own personal work that brings peace, joy and connection through a process that elicits tremendous emotions and will inevitably end in loss.

I have chosen to illustrate this concept through storytelling. Some of these stories are personal experiences and some were shared with me by friends and colleagues. 

For whatever reason you have come to this book, I pray that it provides the tools you need in this moment, and for many beautiful moments to come.

Here is what people are saying about the book:

"I wish there had been a book like Being With Dementia when my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Rather, I spent many hours on the phone with Miekka, who gave me valuable advice on how to gently care for my dad when he was experiencing anger, frustration, shame, humiliation, and sadness that often go with the disease. Her advice helped immensely and I am so grateful she is sharing it with others through this gem of a book." - Tami E.

"This book captures the essence of what being a caring, compassionate, caregiver is all about…slowing down, listening more, being present, and allowing for quiet moments to create connection.  Miekka’s ability to tell personal stories and share relatable examples helps caregivers come away with many practical tips that they can apply with loved ones immediately."  - Cameo R.