A Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

A Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

A Soulful Approach to Dementia CareA Soulful Approach to Dementia Care

Sharing tools with caregivers and loved ones to help them better understand the individual with 

Alzheimer's and other dementia-causing diseases

Improving Quality of Life

My mission is to help you connect.

The individual with dementia is experiencing a tragic loss of the thinking mind. To meet them where they are, we must put down our phones, stop chatting with our teammates, and find a way to be fully present. When language becomes lost, the human is not. The soul remains, and our understanding of the person will guide us to be better detectives, communicators and advocates.  

Caring for individuals with dementia is hard work. My wish for you is a never-ending journey of self-discovery that brings greater meaning to your own life and to the lives of those you care for and serve. 

Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age offers rides in an electric-assisted trishaw. Our program was featured in local Jackson Hole news. It brings such joy!